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Selah Create crafts clean, functional websites that feature well-designed pages incorporating text, images, videos, buttons, interactivity and more in an aesthetically pleasing manner as well as galleries (photo or video), blogs, contact pages/forms and online stores to cater to your various online needs. Our goal is to provide websites that are both visually appealing and easy to navigate and use. Sites also made with good SEO practices.

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Selah Create also specializes in creating sharp logos and graphics for your brand, whether for web or print. Our designers adeptly transform your vision into compelling visuals. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep grasp of design principles, we seamlessly integrate every element. Our commitment is to deliver top-notch graphics to enhance your online and offline presence.

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Let us also assist you in promoting your brand online even more after your website is built. This can be via getting good SEO Juice for your site via us putting in data that search engines will clearly understand and showcase to the world; Social Media Help; putting your business on Google and Google Maps; as well as maintaining your website month in month out and hooking you up with Google Analytics stats.

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Founder Greg Wilson with his family

Hey! I'm Greg Wilson in Wichita, KS.

Selah Create is my digital design and development business helping clients like you get:
  • A Great Website - Stylish and Functional
  • With Catchy Logo & Graphics
  • Brand Promotion via SEO, Google Business, and Social Media

We are skilled at creating elegant and professional websites by writing all the code from scratch (like Greg did with this website itself) or using platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace, especially if you want to sell products on your website.

We also do graphic design to create sharp, attractive and meaningful logos and other graphics for your website and social media or physical advertising.

Lastly, We can help you promote your brand by:

  • Putting in good SEO data to help those search engines showcase you
  • Hooking you up with Google Analytics data to see how your website is performing
  • Getting you on Google as a Google business / organization
  • Helping you create, populate, and manage your social media accounts and link them to your website

We've helped many clients, offering excellent quality at a good price for your business or organization.

Contact Us if you are interested in our services - websites, graphics, or advertising - and we will negotiate what you need and a good price for you!

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Selah is a Hebrew word found in the psalms of the Bible, and it is used by the psalmist after something important is stated, to signify "pause and meditate on what was just said", accompanied by a musical interlude to stimulate your meditation on the significant thing just stated.

King David

So for me, Selah represents pausing and REFLECTING (the first step in our motto) upon whatever organization or business we are helping build a website or logo/graphics for, to connect with the deeper essence of what they are all about. And then instead of the medium of music as in the psalms, using the medium of digital design to DESIGN and BUILD out these concepts in a beautiful and functional way.

What Are People Saying About Selah Create?

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Client Victor Santos
5 Star Rating

Victor Santos

Quality Vision Drywall - Wichita, KS

"He did a whole collaboration of social networks and website for my company -- excellent work, very kind to work with people, and is flexible for what he can help you with. 👍🏼"

January 2023

Client Andrea Covarrubias
5 Star Rating

Andrea Covarrubias

First Fundamental Baptist Church - Wichita, KS

(Just left 5 stars on Google)

Response from Selah Create: Thank you Andrea! Was a pleasure building the church website.

November 2022

Client Amy Meador's Logo We Did
5 Star Rating

Amy Meador

From the Dust Ministries

"Selah Create made an awesome logo based off my inspirations and favorite colors! I am so pleased and have already gotten a friend in contact as well! Thanks Selah Create!"

February 2023

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Quality Work
Here at Selah Create, we believe in loving your neighbor as yourself - the golden rule -- if I'D want to know that something is wrong with my website, then I assume you would want to know as well, and thus our policy is one of transparency, letting you know exactly what is going on with your project.

We also believe in kindness and graciousness - treating people with dignity and respect -- seeking to please them and not be cold or "superior" to them.

We will do all we can to complete your project in a timely and quality manner, being available via phone, text, email, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc, to answer any questions and correspond regarding project details.

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