Graphic Design

From logos to business cards to flyers to CD Covers and more, I've got you covered!

Infobox App Logo

During my time at Lambda School, I built the frontend for a web app I titled Infobox, where you can save web articles under your account page in nicely styled cards. This was the logo I designed for the app.

New Israel Dance Tribes Seal

Arenetta hired me to do this "seal" to be put on her website which I also did.

Paleterias Tropicana Business Card

I designed this card for Paleterias Tropicana restaurant in Wichita, KS, using the pre-made company logo.

Cherryl Clark Ministries Business Card

I designed this business card for my friend and client Cherryl Clark in Wichita, KS, for her ministry.

Brothers Painting & Remodeling, Wichita, KS

I did this logo design for my client Basilio and his business Brothers Painting & Remodeling.

Abba's Arms Academy

A conceptual logo I created for an idea of mine - a faith-based school where the kids are really loved and taken care of, and where creativity is encouraged.

Bought With A Price Music

Here is the logo I created for my musical artist entity "Bought With A Price" - a cross between the Jewish menorah (lampstand) and the Christian cross, as I try to meld elements of both faiths.

Car for Maize Motors

I designed this graphic for my friend and client Gabriel for his new car dealership, Maize Motors. I took a car graphic and simplified it down to give it a clean, sharp, somewhat "animated" look.

Truth: It's In A Savior

I created this graphic for the back of a t-shirt for a campaign of my friend and client Gabriel.

New Israel Dance Tribes Logo

Using the pre-made lion graphic, I built this logo for my client Arenetta's dance team.

Selah Music Studio Business Card

I designed this business card for my side business, Selah Music Studio.

Songs from the Heart CD Cover

I designed this CD Cover for my music entity Bought With A Price, for my first album I released. I am available to and have designed full artwork for CD's, including front back, inside, and booklet.

Songs from the Heart CD Back

And this is the back side of that album...

Mishpat V'Chesed Ministries Logo

Here is the logo I designed for my personal ministry Mishpat V'Chesed Ministries.

One Nation of Powerful Praise Dancers

Here is a banner graphic I designed for my client Arenetta, before her dance team changed names to New Israel Dance Tribes.

Way of Righteousness Devotionals Cover

This graphic is the cover page for an e-book PDF of devotionals.

Syngery 6 Chess Tournament

Chess tournament flyer designed for my friend and client Gabriel.

Bought With A Price Concert Flyer

Concert flyer designed for an upcoming concert I had.

Digital Announcement Graphic

A graphic designed for social media to advertise an upcoming praise and worship event in the park.

Selah Creative Services

The logo for my overarching business, Selah Creative Services, which includes digital design, as well as musical services.

Bought With A Price Banner Graphic

Here is a banner graphic I did for my music for my platform website.

Exalt Yahweh (God) CD Cover

The CD Cover for another musical album of mine, which featured intense Hebrew worship.

The Fruit of the Spirit CD Cover

The CD Cover for yet another musical album of mine where I did piano improvisation for each fruit of the spirit (love, joy, patience, etc...)

Every Tribe, Every Tongue CD Cover

The CD Cover for a multicultural album of mine, feautring songs I wrote in various languages and ethnic styles.

Every Tribe, Every Tongue CD Back

The back side of the previous CD Cover.

Social Media Inspirational Graphic

This is an inspirational/meditative graphic I did that describes the path to salvation we should take.

I am also available to do photography sessions with my high quality Nikon 1 J1 (as seen below) with option of attachable lens for greater zoom. You can have the photos as they are, or to use them in graphic design for your website or business card, etc...