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March 2024

Todd at reached out to us regarding getting online store with storm chasing tours available to purchase with putting a deposit down as an option. We have completed all requests and developed a great relationship with us being available to fix issues quick that they are having on their website. We also did SEO for site.

Angels in the Battlefield

February 2024

Greg was blessed to meet Susan Moellinger at a Christian Business League meeting where he discovered she needed a little help with a new endeavor called Angels in the Battlefield. This movement sells beautiful cross/angel-wing pendants with optional gemstones whose colors represent battles people are fighting such as breast cancer, etc. We thus built this site for awareness of the cause and for the sale of these beautiful pendants.

In God's Corner Ministry

January 2024

It was a pleasure to meet Caroline S. Cooper online via an Alignable group video call and connect by means of our mutual faith. Caroline has a wonderful ministry speaking and writing and podcasting about Mental Health and Faith, and she just needed a website facelift to get the site to the next level visually. We first did an audit, pointing out the improvements that could be made, and then we implemented them to produce the current look.

Restoration Ranch

December 2023

Restoration Ranch is the ministry of Greg's Dad Will Wilson in Ramona, Oklahoma, providing a positive place of safety and peace for individuals or couples to get on their feet and get help with any issues they may be facing such as drug or alcohol problems, et cetera. Greg got the privelege to create the logo and build out this website for his dear Dad, featuring a sort of revolutionary full screen intro section to the website plus various pages.

Strike First Pest Management

November 2023

Michael, an experienced pest control technician, came to us via Google and we promptly developed a friendly relationship with him, learning about his new Pest Control business he was starting and being able to offer him a sharp logo design according to his tastes in less than a day, followed by a complete website (click below to see) themed similarly in a few weeks.

Knight's Publishing House

October 2023

Heidi found us online having recently moved to Wichita, and it has been a delight to design and develop this complete website for her new children's book publishing company that seeks to instill quality values in children and protect their innocence as well. Book sales e-commerce on the website is in the works as well.

Transform My Workplace

October 2023

Having met Anita Buchanan through a networking group here in Wichita, she expressed the trouble she was having trying to get her website design she made on canva live on an actual website. We took the design and built it out into a responsive functioning website you can visit below, which will be maintained monthly according to client's decision.

Muse Bible Data

June 2023

This website of mine demonstrates my ability to create a custom theme in WordPress with PHP templates, including HTML and CSS, of course. It also features the use of custom post types (in this case, biblical "Topics" that each have their own page, and that are all listed in an archive page as well, styled nicely with CSS. The individual Topic custom post type pages also make use of Advanced Custom Fields, specifically the repeater field, so a user could easily add data for each topic, be it a scripture passage or a commentary. And last but not least, the field data for bible chapter and verse gets inserted dynamically into an API call that grabs and displays the bible passage.

Gary Bond for Wichita City Council

Feb-Apr 2023

Through the Christian Business League of Kansas, Greg met Gary Bond, a hardworking contractor and also aspiring leader for the Wichita, Kansas city council. Thus, we built out this WordPress website for his political campaign running for City Council, linked up to his Anedot donation platform page, a popular platform for political donations.

Charles Nida Music


We had the pleasure to design and build out a cool music website via WordPress with WooCommerce e-commerce functionality to sell digital music for my long-time friend Charles Nida, a gifted gospel singer-songwriter. A special feature is the "wave" sticky header, which page content slides under when you scroll down on pages. We also designed the logo/icon for the website, based on his TresurHart Publishing entity.

GM Air - Wichita, KS

Jan-Mar 2023

This was a complete website rebuild, taking content from old website and rebuilding in WordPress platform with updated fresh design so client and friend Paco would have access to edit the site himself.

IBAA (International Biblical Apologetics Association) Website Redesign


Through the channels of the internet, Greg established a trusting and faithful relationship with Dr. Igal German, one of the main founders of the International Biblical Apologetics Association, and he thus hired us to create a report analyzing how the main ministry website could be improved and redesigned, shortly after hiring us via contract to rework the WordPress site. Check out the link below to see site, including the new background video at top of homepage.

Remnant of Israel Messianic Synagogue - Wichita, Kansas


We had the privelege to work with Greg's home church in 2022 to build out their new website. Greg focused on a clean, "light" theme with Israel theme colors, but professional and distinguished looking, via WordPress Divi design.

Chaqar Bible Web App

This is a bible "web application" that Greg designed from scratch that is like a cross between bible study and social media - functions like an interactive app, but displayed in your web browser, where Greg made the backend database where users can register and post content, as well as the frontend part that displays the data nicely on the site.

Country Lake Homeowner's Assocation


This is one of two Homeowner's Association websites we built for local HOA's in my home city of Wichita. Using the Wix platform, it features Sign Up and Log In features, so only members can access certain pages. Also features Google Drive integration to share important documents (which was needed in this case of an HOA).

Primera Iglesia Bautista Fundamental - Wichita, Kansas

As my wife is from Mexico, some friends of ours are a hispanic pastor and his wife who lead a baptist church here in Wichita. They needed an online presence besides just a Google Business listing, so we were happy to design and build their official WordPress church website, with the Christian flag and corresponding colors as the basis for the theme.

Sandpiper Bay Homeowner's Association

From the fruit of a local Facebook posting of ours, we connected with Debbie at Sandpiper Bay HOA here in town (Wichita), and via very frequent online correspondence, we worked with her to design and build the website for their organization, using Wix platform, featuring Sign up and Log in, password protected pages, and Google Drive integration.

Selah Music Studio

This is the complete website Greg made coding from scratch for his side business, Selah Music Studio, where he teaches musical instruments, records and produces music for clients, and performs places.

Brian's Roofing Service - Wichita, KS

We met Victor, the owner, via a recommendation to him of us. First only seeking business cards, Victor also realized he needed a website and Google listing and Facebook page to build his online presence to attract clients for his new business, of which we built all of the above, as well as designing and printing his business cards. Used Squarespace on this one - a good platform if the site is not too complicated.


This is the marketing website for a web application called Savor, where you can save family recipes with style in the cloud. Greg was on the Savor team, as we worked together to build the app and the marketing page. Built hard-coded with HTML and CSS.

Mishpat V'Chesed Ministries

This is the complete website for Greg's personal ministry that Greg coded from scratch, with a little help for the intro animation. Logo design by myself as well.

Bought With A Price Music

This is the complete website Greg coded with HTML and CSS + Flexbox for his music endeavors, along with the logo design, which Greg did from scratch.

Selah Creative Services

This is the complete website Greg built from scratch for his overarching business entity called Selah Creative Services, which includes all his digital services plus his musical services. Logo design by Greg as well.


This website isn't complete, but it shows the kind of UI/graphic design I'm capable of, including the text fading out into the horizon of the world as you scroll down, creating a cool effect.

Gregory John Wilson Blog

This is Greg's personal blog complete website he designed and built with the WordPress platform, making use of the obvious blog functionality of WordPress, as well as the common e-commerce platform WooCommerce for WordPress to sell some products of mine.

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