About Selah Create | Wichita, KS

Hey, I'm Greg Wilson, founder of Selah Create!

Greetings, and I'm glad you found Selah Create! I'm Greg Wilson the founder and my awesome wife in the picture is Isela, who is a great help to us. We're based out of Wichita, KS, but can work for you, regardless of where you are, via the internet. As a kid, I picked up HTML coding, combined with my creativity, to start making little websites. Later, I learned CSS styling code to make websites look even nicer. I did a little work studying at Treehouse online platform, and then graduated from Lambda School - now BloomTech's full stack web development program in January 2021, where I practiced making sharp sites even more, as well as learning how to create databases on the backend to make web apps where you can create an account and login, etc.

Check out my official certification from Lambda School here:
Full-Stack Web Development + Technical Interviewing Certification

You can try out my web application Chaqar (a Bible app that is a cross between bible study and social media) here: Chaqar Bible App.

Please check out the Portfolio section of the site to see examples of clients we've helped already with web design, graphic design, and publicity.

Our Team

Fun-Loving Founder

Greg Wilson

Does: Communication, Billing, Web Design & Development, Graphic Design

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Wonderful Wise Wife

Isela Wilson

Does: Counsel on business decisions, moral support, amazing Mexican food cooking

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Super Sidekick

Jorge Rodriguez

Does: Communication, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development

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